Why You Should Be Lifting Weights As You Get Older

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2019

Lifting weights has long been associated with big football players, steroid fuelled gym junkies and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However there is a growing movement backed by a solid chunk of scientific evidence which is pushing for more strength training in older adults. Before we go on, if you have doubt about either the safety or validity of lifting weights in older age, have a read of my previous article .


Health Benefits

Firstly, let me briefly tell you about some of the benefits of weight training as you get older. The health benefits are almost endless but I want to list some of the most important, so here we go.

    • Increased muscle mass and improved muscle quality. Reversing or slowing down of sarcopenia.
    • Improved strength.
    • Improved balance.
    • Increase in overall aerobic endurance, muscular endurance and walking speed.
    • Improved joint health and bone density.
    • Increased walking speed.
    • Reducing risk of falls.
    • Improved memory and overall cognitive functioning.
    • Better...
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