Gain Strength.

Improve Balance.

Build Confidence.

Exercise online with physiotherapists who are experts in strength and fitness for adults 55+

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Mobile.

Be Fit.

Be Strong. 

Be Mobile.

Join over 200,000 people who have exercised at-home with our physiotherapists, and strengthen your muscles and bones, improve your fitness, and feel more confident on your feet.

● Home Workouts

Safely exercise your whole body from home with workouts designed for adults 55+

 Physiotherapist trainers

2 physios on the screen at all times showing different exercise variations and modifications to suit many abilities

● Education to empower

Evidence-based education and support to help you overcome any concerns, health conditions or obstacles 

 Easy to get started

Workout Anytime. Anywhere. No equipment required. Get started (and stick with it) today

Live The Life You Want

Live The Life

You Want

Be fitter and stronger for the things you love

Designed and delivered by physiotherapists

Our physio team are experts in exercise for adults 55+. We do this all day every day with our in-person clients. We use this expertise to design online programs that are suitable for many abilities and conditions, with 2 physios on the screen showing variations and modifications to keep you exercising.

Great for:

  • general strength and fitness
  • building muscle
  • strengthening bones
  • improving confidence on your feet  
  • getting up from the floor easier
  • strengthening knees and hips
  • improving shoulder mobility
  • decreasing pain
  • managing osteoarthritis symptoms
  • and much more…

Work out anywhere.

Any time. Any place.

No equipment required.

What Our Community Are Saying

The Sydney Studio

We do this in real life, with real people. As university-qualified health professionals this is what we do every day. We are experts in exercise for adults 55+.

Our Studio Headquarters in Sydney Australia is not only where all the workout filming happens! This is also where we master our craft, by testing and developing our programs with our in-person clients, before sharing with the world on our online platform.

So you can be confident that not only are our online exercise programs based on scientific evidence, but they are tried and tested and actually work!