The Sydney Studio

Our Studio Headquarters in Sydney Australia is more than just the filming studio for our online exercise programs. This is also where we master our craft, by testing and developing our programs with our in-person clients, before sharing with the world on our online platform.

If you live in Sydney Australia, and want to join our In-Person Exercise Groups, have someone Visit You In Your Home, or just pop in to the filming studio to say hi, then check out our in-person services below.

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The Studio
In Home Service

Exercise Studio for 55+

Join our Northern Beaches based in-person group sessions to strengthen your muscles and bones, build your cardiovascular fitness and become more steady and confident on your feet.

● Small group or 1-on-1 exercise sessions

● All programs are individualised by your physio to suit your abilities and health needs

● Small, semi-private group sessions are led by 2 physiotherapists

 Fun, safe and social environment This is our big passion! We are experts at designing and implementing exercise programs to help you stay strong and independent. We use our knowledge and skills as physiotherapists to create and adapt exercise programs tailored to you!

These Group Sessions Are Not Like Other Generic Exercise ‘Classes’:

●  Firstly, everyone undergoes an initial physiotherapy assessment.  During this session we find out all about YOU! What your goals are and what problems you may have. Then after a detailed physical assessment we get started on implementing a personalised exercise program to help.

● We may recommend some 1-on-1 exercise sessions for us to fine tune your program, teach you the movements and get to know you and your body well.

● From there you can then confidently enter our dynamic and fun semi-private sessions. With the encouraging support of 2 physiotherapists you will carry out an individualised program in an interactive group setting focusing on strength, balance and mobility, with elements of co-ordination and cognitive stimulation to challenge both the body and the mind.

Apart from gaining strength, reducing pain, and sharpening your cognition, our exercise programs can also be designed to help:

Arthritis Osteoporosis

Back pain  Joint replacements

Muscle weakness Balance issues

● Shoulder pain ● Stiffness

● Knee pain and much more...

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Stay Independent and Living In Your
Own Home Longer

About Be Mobile Physiotherapy In-Home Service

Our mobile in-home service is where Be Mobile all began! As physiotherapists passionate about empowering over 55’s we realise that it is sometimes difficult or not practical for our less mobile clients to get out and about. So we bring the physio to them!  

We want all of our community to have access to physiotherapy supervised exercise and rehabilitation and so we created our in-home balance and strength program - The Be Mobile Physio Program.

Regions Covered For Our In-Home Service

Our studio and team hub is based at Elanora Heights on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Our mobile physiotherapy in-home service currently covers the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney.

What Is The Be Mobile Physio In-Home Program?

● A one-on-one service that is delivered to you in your own home by one of our expert physiotherapists. It is delivered over an 8 session program, with further ongoing options available to suit your goals.

● A personalised balance and strength program that is tailored to your unique needs, based on a thorough assessment and evaluation.

● Our signature Be Mobile Exercise Booklet, with individually selected exercises, just for you.

● A program aimed at maintaining your independence that has been written and developed by our team of passionate physiotherapists who are experts with older adults.

What Does It Involve?

  We come to your home, bringing all the necessary tools and equipment with us.

  We go through a thorough assessment to determine your needs, then get started! 

  We progress you through your individual exercise program, tailored to your ability.

 We provide you with our signature Be Mobile Exercise Booklet, which includes step-by-step instructions and pictures for each exercise, selected for you individually by your physiotherapist. 

 We come back at the next convenient time to continue to build your confidence!


Why Is This Program Different To Anything Else Out There?

We are passionate physiotherapists who work exclusively with older adults. We pride ourselves on delivering a meaningful experience that goes beyond just the exercises. We have a modern and upbeat approach. We stay up to date with research, to ensure we are always providing the highest value evidence-based care. 

This Program Is For You If You Would Like To:

●   Maintain your independence at home and in the community.

●   Improve your balance and strength to get you moving better.

●   Regain your lost confidence and feel energised again!

Funding Options Available

We work under a variety of schemes and closely with a number of providers which means your sessions may even be fully or partially funded.

●  Home Care Packages - We can work with any Aged Care Provider. So if you would like our physiotherapy service delivered as part of your Home Care Package budget then give us a call and we can reach out to your package provider to tee things up.

 NDIS - We are an NDIS registered provider which means you could use some of your NDIS funds on our physiotherapy service.

 Private Health Insurance - Rebates for physiotherapy are available under your private health insurance extras cover.

● CDM / EPC referral from GP - You may be eligible for up to 5 partially rebated sessions under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan.

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