Be Mobile Physiotherapy is a team of physiotherapists passionate about empowering over 55’s to stay strong and independent. We combine the strong scientific evidence that promotes exercise as medicine, with our expert skills and knowledge as physiotherapists, to help you move better, reduce pain and build confidence in your body, so you can keep doing the things that make you happy.

We design our exercise and rehab programs to harness the positive effect of exercise on both the body and the brain, and with our close supervision and fun attitude create a safe, social and supportive environment to help achieve your goals.

How it all started...

It all began with a client named Keith…

Back in 2012 our CEO Mitch de Mestre was working as a private practice physiotherapist. He had a particular client named Keith whose main goal was to stay strong and mobile so he could keep living independently in his own home for as long as possible.

The standard physiotherapy clinic model in a small room just simply didn’t suit what Keith really needed. He required supervised exercise to work on his strength and balance. He needed someone to motivate him and to push him. He also wanted someone with the specialised knowledge to upgrade and adapt his program around his particular health conditions.

Above all though, he wanted to be able to get up and down off the ground, keep up with his great grandkids, have the endurance to keep up on family holidays, and remain confident and independent to live a full and happy life.

So Mitch took the gym to Keith’s home and together they worked hard. It was amazing to see the changes to Keith’s physical and mental state. Not only did he move more confidently and freely, he was also more alert and happy. Keith loved it, his family loved it and Mitch loved it. All this is what planted the seed for Be Mobile Physiotherapy.

In July 2014 things were made official and Be Mobile Physiotherapy was born. It started as a one-man mobile service, delivering in-home strength, balance and fitness programs, and has expanded to currently a staff of 14, all passionate about helping over 55’s stay strong and independent.  

After an amazing 4 years on the road, we decided it was time to add a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ studio specifically set-up for the exercise and rehab needs of those 55+. This was set-up to compliment our mobile service and to also cater for some of the younger of our 55+ community. We had a lot of interest from those 55+ who wanted to stay fit, strong and steady on their feet, but felt like they needed more guidance and supervision than was available at a regular gym or community class. So we built our own studio! The Be Mobile Physiotherapy Studio is the hub for our community and we would love for you to come check it out.

Meet The Team

We love our team! And they love what they do, so we always know that our clients are getting the best healthcare available (and also having the most fun!)


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