Support FAQ's

This is a basic support page to help you access any of your paid exercise programs. Use the instructions below to login to your account. Once inside you will find a lot more detailed account, tech and exercise support. If you have any trouble finding your answer once you are logged in to your account then hit the button at the bottom of the page to send us an email.

The easiest way to login to your purchased program is to simply head to our website Just head to the top right hand corner and click the 'Login' button. You will be prompted to add your email and password that you set up when purchasing the program. If you can't see the 'Login' button it is because you are already logged in. In this case simply click on the picture of the 'face' and/or select 'My Library' from the dropdown. This will take you to the program dashboard.

Alternatively you can head to and enter your email and password to sign in.

Check that your email and password is typed in correctly. If you still can’t sign in, click the GREEN 'Forgot Password' link, which is just below the GREEN sign in button, and follow the steps to reset your password. If you still can’t sign in successfully please send us an email at [email protected]

This is definitely possible. Lot's of our clients do this. However, with hundreds of variations of TVs, Remotes, Laptops, Phones, etc. we find it difficult to provide technical instructions for everyone's particular situation. We advise visiting the support pages of the specific devices you are using for technical support.

But below we have included some detailed instructions for common situations which may help.

Smart TV Instructions:

  1. Open the internet browser on your SmartTV, and navigate to
  2. Login to your account and begin working out.

Chromecast Instructions: 

  • Visit the Google Chromecast help page HERE

Apple Instructions:

  • Visit the Apple help page HERE

HDMI Cable (Stream Laptop to TV)

  • For step by step instructions with pictures CLICK HERE

This is normally an issue with your internet speed.

1st: Make sure that all other browsers/windows are closed and the Be Mobile Physio portal is the only webpage you have opened.

2nd: Try lowering the Quality of the video which can help resolve freezing or excessive loading.

You can do this by clicking the "gear" icon at the bottom right of the video, then click the word "Quality" to bring up your choices, and finally choose a lower number of pixels. 

Lastly,  make sure you have a good internet connection. (You may have to upgrade your internet service if this has been an ongoing problem)  



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