Exercise for 55+

Work on your strength, balance and fitness whilst 
also stimulating your brain

✤  Small group or 1-on-1 exercise sessions
All programs are individualised by your physio to suit your abilities and health needs
✤ Small, semi-private group sessions are led by 2 physiotherapists
✤  Fun, safe and social environment

This is our big passion! We are experts at designing and implementing exercise programs to help you stay strong and independent. We use our knowledge and skills as physiotherapists to create and adapt exercise programs tailored to you!

This includes our unique group sessions, these are small semi-private groups run by 2 physiotherapists. This close supervision allows an environment that is safe, effective and fun!

These group sessions are not like other generic exercise ‘classes’.

  Firstly, everyone undergoes an in-depth initial physiotherapy assessment.  During this session we find out all about YOU! What your goals are and what problems you may have. Then after a detailed physical assessment we get started on implementing a personalised exercise program to help.

  We may recommend some 1-on-1 exercise sessions for us to fine tune your program, teach you correct technique and get to know you and your body well.

  From there you can then safely enter our dynamic and fun semi-private sessions. Under the watchful and encouraging eye of 2 physiotherapists you will carry out an individualised program in an interactive group setting focusing on strength, balance and mobility, with elements of co-ordination and cognitive stimulation to challenge both the body and the mind.  

Apart from gaining strength, reducing pain, and sharpening your cognition,
our exercise programs can also be designed to help:

   ✤ Arthritis

 ✤ Osteoporosis

     ✤ Back pain  

 Joint replacements

     ✤ Muscle weakness

     ✤ Balance issues

     ✤ Parkinson’s Disease   

     And many more...

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