How it all started...

Hey, it's Mitch de Mestre here - Founder and CEO of Be Mobile Physiotherapy. Thanks for stopping by!

I often get asked how we started? Why we do what we do? 

Well, it all began with a client named Keith…

Back in 2012 I was working as a private practice physiotherapist. I had a particular client named Keith whose main goal was to stay strong and mobile so he could keep living independently in his own home for as long as possible.

The standard physiotherapy clinic model in a small room just simply didn’t suit what Keith really needed. He required supervised exercise to work on his strength and balance. He needed someone to motivate him and to push him. He also wanted someone with the specialised knowledge to upgrade and adapt his program around his particular health conditions.

Above all though, he wanted to be able to get up and down off the ground, keep up with his great grandkids, have the endurance to keep up on family holidays, and remain confident and independent to live a full and happy life.

So I took the gym to Keith’s home and together we worked hard. It was amazing to see the changes to Keith’s physical and mental state. Not only did he move more confidently and freely, he was also more alert and happy. Keith loved it, his family loved it and I loved it. All this is what planted the seed for Be Mobile Physiotherapy.

In July 2014 things were made official and Be Mobile Physiotherapy was born. It started as a one-man mobile service, delivering in-home strength, balance and fitness programs, and has expanded to currently a staff of 20, all passionate about helping over 55’s stay strong and independent.  

After an amazing first 4 years on the road, we decided it was time to add a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ studio specifically set-up for the exercise and rehab needs of those 55+. This was set-up to compliment our mobile service and to also cater for the younger of our 55+ community. We had a lot of interest from those 55+ who wanted to stay fit, strong and steady on their feet, but felt like they needed more guidance and supervision than was available at a regular gym or community class.

So in 2018 we built our own studio! The Be Mobile Physiotherapy Studio has since become the hub for our inspirational community. They have shown us what is truely possible, no matter your age or prior beliefs. 

I was (and still am) so inspired by the life changes of our awesome community that I felt it our obligation to spread what we were doing. I realised there were so many people out there in the world that could benefit from what we had to offer. So many people who were capable of achieving these life changing results, but just needed a little advice and direction. 

So in 2020 we launched our 8 week online 'Fit & Strong' Program.

I will be honest here and say that at first I was a little apprehensive. I had seen the massive impact we could make on people's lives with our in-person services, but wasn't sure if we could have the same effect with our online program. 

I knew we could make an impact... but to what degree? 

Well the first 8 week program cohort certainly crushed those limiting beliefs. 

The results spoke for themselves. The stories that emerged from that program were so inspiring and gave birth to our amazing online community. Be Mobile was now helping change lives all over the world.

So today the three divisions of our company all play their own little part in helping our community build strength, reduce pain and gain confidence in their bodies so they can continue to do the things that make them happy with the people they love.

Come and say g'day in person or online. We'd love to see if we can help you too! 


Meet The Team

We love our team! And they love what they do, so we always know that our clients are getting the best healthcare available (and also having the most fun!)


Mitch is the Founder and CEO here at Be Mobile Physiotherapy.

He is our visionary leader and spends a lot of his time looking into the future - dreaming up new and better ways we can expand our reach and improve the lives of our community around the world.

However, first and foremost he is a very proud Dad and husband. His favourite way to spend his free time is playing games with his three amazing daughters, sharing a morning coffee with his beautiful wife, and occasionally escaping off into the local bush land - either on foot or on his shiny mountain bike!


Brodie has always been interested in sports and had a very active childhood with his brothers and friends. After a knee injury playing high school rugby, he received a heap of physio treatment and was inspired to study physiotherapy himself. 

Brodie truly embodies our value of evidence based practice and is passionate about exercise for older adults.

Outside of work, Brodie’s passions are friends, rugby and craft beer. Notably, Brodie is well read in all things sci-fi, cosmology and physics… I guess you could say he is a bit spacey.


Fiona is our resident book, TV show and movie critic and is known for winning a trivia game or two.

Fiona works full time with the in-home team at Be Mobile and occasionally is the non visual voice behind some of our blogs and social posts.

After work she can usually be found in the gym lifting heavy things or going for a run outside… if the weather allows. Fun fact, Fiona learned the violin from the age of 4 and has had a huge love for music onwards.


Jack is a physiotherapist at Be Mobile who is passionate about getting his clients moving! He is also the serious one in the team. He hates jokes, loathes having fun and you will never see him smiling… only joking, he is actually the court jester at Be Mobile.

Jack loves nature and all its wonder. He is a part of the local community garden, enjoys outdoor adventures and is a keen twitcher (bird watcher).

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takes up his afternoons during the week and the weekends are reserved for catching up with family and friends.


Ollie is employed by Be Mobile in a hybrid role: half comedian – half physiotherapist. He has also written a lot of articles for the website – which have actually been not too bad.

Ollie is passionate about changing society’s misconception that older adults shouldn’t lift weights!

When he’s not being overwhelmed with laughter by his audiences online or in the studio, Ollie enjoys powerlifting, riding his bike and playing video games with his numerous, numerous friends.


Alicia is one of the physios at Be Mobile and loves getting outdoors. She has many hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, swimming, running and lifting weights.

Though prior to her employment at Be Mobile, she was not engaging in these activities due to persistent neck and pelvic pain. Learning about pain and the importance of movement has changed her life allowing her to resume activities she was once afraid of and help clients do the same.

You will find Alicia running group classes, filming online programs and education, and doing in home visits.


Jennie has been in the physio game for over 30 years now and continues to learn and adapt as her knowledge grows.

She works with the in-home team and loves it because she can deliver a personal service that targets the client’s needs and goals within their environment. 

On the weekend you might find Jennie in her kayak on the water…or sometimes in the water. She loves hiking in nature, reading on the beach or traipsing around a great art gallery. She is also Be Mobile’s official artist!


Garrick is a physio at Be Mobile and around the office he is easily recognised by his exquisite tan, which has to be from the vast amounts of time he spends surfing and playing beach volleyball.

Garrick works up at the exercise studio running groups, in-home with clients and creates educational video content.

At night time Garrick can be found playing guitar and if you’re lucky you might even hear him play his favourite guitar solo from Stairway to Heaven!


Will is one of the young guns at Be Mobile Physio and is always thirsty for knowledge that he can apply to his clients, helping them reach their health goals. He runs group sessions up at the studio and sees a large variety of clients in-home.

Outside of work, Will spends most of his time at the gym, playing soccer or catching up on the latest sports news. Outside of football and physio, Will’s big passion is Formula 1 car racing and if he can get his hands on Grand Prix tickets, he will be there!


Julie has been with Be Mobile since it’s early days and as a physio, she is a great promoter of exercise for her clients. In fact, she herself enjoys all things exercise and this is true for her whole family (who she spends much of her time ferrying around the Northern Beaches!)

She never stops smiling and her in-home clients never stop smiling after she has been to see them.


Jake is one of the physios at Be Mobile and hails all the way from Vancouver in the beautiful land of Canada!

After studying abroad in Australia, Jake took an opportunity to join the Be Mobile team in 2020. He proudly continues to be a part of our wonderful Be Mobile community in his main role supporting our clients, providing physio advice, coaching and developing resources for our clients.

Jake loves to spend his time outdoors, exploring trails, mountains and lakes. He also lifts weights in order to keep up with our ever-disciplined clients.


Karen is a part of our awesome admin team and you will know her smiling face if you have ever been up to our exercise studio. She is know for her dark sense of humour and can give you a great Scottish impersonation, all you have to do is ask.

On her free days Karen can be found contorting her body at yoga, swimming in the surf or lifting heavy weights at the Be Mobile Studio. She figures that she might as well join in the fun that all of our clients get to have!


Jacqui is a part of our admin team, working to keep everything running smoothly for our studio, in-home and online clients, so that their focus can stay on getting fitter and stronger.

When she is not working, Jacqui loves spending time with her family (she has two young boys that keep her busy, as well as a pet dog and bird) and being in nature, whether it's going to the beach, bushwalking or camping. Jacqui also loves jigsaw puzzles and number puzzles (Kakuro, Sudoko, Addoku) and will never say no to a nice cup of tea.


Sarah is an important part of our admin team at Be Mobile and has been with us from the very early days of the company. She works virtually and is always on hand should the team need her to do anything technical-related. She enjoys learning anything about tech and understands the power it can have in helping our clients.

Sarah spends much of her time outside of work with her gorgeous, three year old son and cherishes her family time.


Teresa (or as we call her around here, TT) is our resident numbers lady. She looks after all the studio memberships, as well as our accounts for in-home clients. She loves a good spreadsheet, and is our go-to for all our pivot table needs!

When TT isn’t crunching numbers, she is crunching abs as a Pilates instructor, teaching her passion at a few studios around Sydney.

Most notably, TT is a Parramatta Eels tragic and would give anything to see them win a premiership in her lifetime… perhaps that is wishful thinking!


Rose is the Practice Manager at Be Mobile Physiotherapy. She keeps the ship running smoothly and does it all with a big smile.
She loves cooking and in particular, sweets. On an afternoon you will find her at the local swimming pool doing laps or bouldering (hanging onto rock faces) with friends.

Traveling is far from a rarity for Rose and she has worked and explored in more than 12 countries!


Crissy is the Executive Assistant to the CEO. She is an organiser extraordinaire. From research work to making sure Mitch’s time is optimised she does all things passionately. She draws on extensive experience from Executive Assistance, Client Management and Customer Service. She believes that the work that can be done now should be accomplished today, and says that her love for helping people is what attracted her to Be Mobile Physiotherapy. 

Outside of work, Crissy can be seen doing her afternoon walks that keeps her moving and grooving.



Ariel is part of our admin team and is here to help our customers have the best experience possible! He is very passionate about customer service and has spent most of his professional life in the industry. Working from a tropical island in the Philippines, he is one of the newest additions to our growing international online team. 

During his days off, he spends time taking care of his garden where he grows vegetables and ornamental plants. He also loves to bake cakes especially for his loved ones on special occasions.


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